Online Slot Machine Games

Playing online slots can be both fun and exciting. Online slots, like land-based slots, are the most popular type of gambling. To get the most out of your experience, it’s a good idea to research the various types of online slots.

-Classic Online Slots

Classic online slots are generally more simplistic in terms of game play. Generally speaking, these types of online slots have 3 reels and one pay-line and the winning combinations are 3 of the same symbol on the payline. Be sure to learn which symbols are wild. The payout schedule for classic online slots are pretty simple and are always clearly displayed next to the spin reels. If your looking to sit back, relax and keep things simple, classic online slots are your best choice.

-Multi-Reel and Multi-Line Online Slots

These online slots increase the complexity and also the excitement. The newest online slots can have as many as 9 reels to spin and 9 or more pay-lines. This increases the number winning combinations possible compared to the classic online slots. In general, you must “insert” one coin for each pay-line you want to play. Some of these online slots have 30 or more winning combinations, so be sure to check the help feature to understand the various ways to win.

-Bonus Feature Online Slots

The newest innovation in online slots is the bonus feature. On certain winning combinations, you will be taken to a special bonus feature. Depending on the online slot machine you’re playing, this might be free bonus spins, the ability to “hold” reels or even a whole new screen with a bonus game to play. The bonus feature give you the chance to win even more.

-Progressive Online Slots

The best way to win big money with online slots is to play the progressive games. Progressive online slots offer the chance to win big jackpots worth thousands of dollars. To be eligible for the jackpot on most progressive online slots, you must bet the maximum number of coins. Progressive online slots are “networked” together and a little bit of every bet goes into the jackpot making it grow minute by minute. When a player wins the progressive jackpot, it is reset to an initial amount and it start all over.